A Fashionistafail flashback! No ‘fail’ in THIS fashion option

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OH RENT ME, wherefore were thou when I was in the thick of Fashionistafail, saving money to travel by putting myself on a self-imposed ‘clothes shop ban’ a few years back?

T’was the era of giving up what I wanted immediately (a new outfit), for what I wanted most (to see the world), and realising that with my spending habits as they were, I couldn’t actually have both. Delayed gratification was something I was terrible at, and something that everything we see online and around us in this age of ‘encouraging comparison’ drives us towards at the speed of a bullet!

Have it now, they do, buy it now else you’re so out of the loop, travel here because it’s soooo damn ‘insta-worthy’. I cringe, and now, here I am with OHRENTME as one of my new favourite ‘bookmarks’ on the Internet and I’m wondering why on earth this wasn’t done sooner?!

A place that would have allowed me at that time, and now allows us all to actually HAVE IT ALL right this very minute. I’m not kidding. When it comes to a new outfit it doesn’t have to cost you $500 for a dress, and you don’t have to justify the purchase by saying you’ll ‘wear it heaps’ (cause we all know that rarely happens. That $500 dress tends to be worn once, and then shoved at the back of the closet with the rest of the amazing dresses that ‘have already been seen on the gram’!)

Can everyone say “I love throwing cash down the wardrobe toilet” with me and feel comfortable about it? Exactly. No. Not one bit.

Interestingly, it’s not actually about the ‘cost’ of something. We all do different things to earn our keep, some make loads of cash, some make little, and the beauty with OHRENTME is, it’s not about that, it’s about knowing that you can have MORE for your buck. Whatever your buck may be. You don’t have to practice living in the space of ‘opportunity cost’ – To have one thing, you must lose another.

How do you figure that Caro? I hear you ask…allow me to explain.

Firstly I am not anti-fashion, nor am I anti purchase – I am still slightly too much ‘pro’ those things! But, it’s all relative and a $500 dress to me is a whole lot of cash. For one item. That I’ll wear once.

Consider this, you spend $800 on a dress you plan on wearing once, a Zimmermann number (to Designer name drop and prove my point) and you have saved your tush off to buy that dress…You can now, and instead, still SPEND that $800 if you have it but the breakdown of ‘spend on what?’ changes and allows you to not only GET the dress but have experiences to remember IN the dress!

You OHRENTME the dress for $80 and you’ve still got $720 left. Degustation dinner? A flight somewhere? A weekend away? You name it, life suddenly became about more than just an outfit. THIS is where the genius is, and the joy.

Thank you OHRENTME for not only providing a platform that provides guilt free ‘borrow shopping’, but also a platform that encourages us to be smart with fashion, with what we earn, and with what we choose to experience in real life because let’s be honest, we all love a good #outfitoftheday pic for the gram but it’s important that we allow ourselves the opportunity to have money left over so we don’t have to snap that #outfitoftheday gram shot at our house with our Two Minute Noodles for dinner since we can’t afford anything to eat, let alone to go out and eat, due to the dress we just bought!

You get my point.

Love Caro x



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  • James: June 21, 2018

    Two marshmallows taste better than one

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