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Personal style- its easy to spot but hard to define.  And defining my personal style feels almost impossible- so I describe it best as being like vegemite.  Some people will love it and some people will hate it, and it the end of the day I am totally ok wih that.

To put it brutally, I don't dress to impress you.  I dress to express myself.
Fashion for me has zero do to with how you look and everything to do with how you feel- some days that means making a bold statement in a directional fashion forward look while other days call for comfort and the ability to blend a little more with the crowd.
John Galliano once said ''The joy of dressing is an art'' and as a career creative fashion has become my vehicle of self expression.

I am always incredibly inspired by other women who have a strongly curated sense of personal style.  Olivia Palermo, Christine Centenera, Elle Ferguson, Rozalia Russian and Miroslava Duma are my constants.

I feel my look is a ever evolving work in progress.  I am strongly driven by trends but not defined by brands or seasons.  If I like it, I will wear it.  I firmly believe that great taste is something that cannot be purchased and style has nothing to do with the figure on the price tag.

As much as my personal style can be wild and variant, I also have my key bulding blocks that have helped me to create my signature style.

I am not naturally attracted to print or colour, but always inspired and drawn to texture- faux fur, boucles, knit and leather to name a few.

I am an avid collector of bold statement jewellery.  It has the ability to completely transform an outfit with the simple click of an earring back.

Fun, quirky shoes are impossible for me to resist. A printed sandal, a coloured thigh high boot or pretty embellished flat is the easiest way to add interest and elevate my look.

Conversation starting accessories are the hardest working contents of my wardrobe.  A fur scarf, designer belt or bag with interesting hardware can suddenly add punch and polish to any ensemble.

I have natural sense of balance and proportion so unexpected layering, over sized tops and skinny leg bottoms or minis are my everyday go to.  I never ever put value into the number on the size tag- I but the size that fits the way I want it to fit.

I am a 37 year old mother of three and over the years I have learnt the most important part of a great outfit is the woman who wears it.

If I could give my younger self one piece of style advice, it would be this:

Don't dress for boys,
Don't dress for girls,
Dress in the way that gives you the confidence to be the woman you want to be in this world.

That is always chic.
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