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Interviews with Girls around New Zealand - Part Two
Casey: Hi Hannah, How are you? Please introduce yourself to our readers
Hannah: Hi Casey, thanks for having me. I am great thank you! My name is Hannah and I work in digital marketing and co-own a digital consultancy agency with my husband, Marco. We work in a very creative industry that is constantly evolving with the digital world, I think we make a very good team and we have some big clients that we are very proud of. Having these digital skills at my fingertips, I started a blog back in 2015. I love creating content across all platforms and getting to work with brands that I have grown up loving is pretty exciting. I have a background in commercial modeling and dance, which has also led me to run Miss Auckland every year.
Casey: Here at Oh Rent Me we love your fashion sense. How would you describe your personal style?
Hannah: I would definitely describe my personal style as classic, modern and feminine.
Casey: What is your favourite piece within the Oh Rent Me collection?
Hannah: That’s a really hard choice! I love everything Zimmermann and Self Portrait, but I think right now it would be the Ruby Capella Ruffle Dress I modeled in our shoot.
Casey: We love following you on social media, you look like a very busy lady. Tell us your top 3 ways to stay organised…
Hannah: I’m the list queen! I write lists for everything, including weekly lists and daily lists. Otherwise, I would forget everything, haha. I also think it’s important to get up early and exercise to help you stay energized and on top of things.
Casey: We are living in a millennial world, social media has become a big part of our lives. What is your biggest piece of advice to budding bloggers?
Hannah: I think if you are wanting to start out with a blog you need to find a point of difference and a reason for people to follow you. Whether that is something around some different content you are creating or haven’t seen before, if you want to be an inspiration, or if you want to showcase your personality or simply help people with ideas and advice. You need to be interesting. Ask yourself, would you follow you?
Casey: We love following your beauty & lifestyle blog ( tell us what beauty favourites you always carry with you?
Hannah: Lip balm is a must, my current favourite is the Aspect one. Wearing SPF and moisturizer everyday is also something I can’t live without. I always have a nude lipstick in my handbag as well.
Casey: Do you have a morning routine? What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
Hannah: The first thing I do when I wake up (after cuddles with Marco) is check my emails, but I don’t reply until I’m at my desk. I try to stay off social media for the first hour when I wake up in the morning as I enjoy having a clear mind and I like to focus on what I’m going to be doing that day. I then get up and exercise, I’ll often listen to a podcast or something motivational while I’m doing this, followed by coffee, always!
Casey: You are the director of Miss Auckland, how did that come about?
Hannah: I entered pageants when I was younger and absolutely loved them. I did Miss World New Zealand in 2012, and since then I’ve represented New Zealand overseas three times, placing in the Top 15 at Miss Intercontinental in Germany and 4th Runner Up at Miss Global City in Shanghai. Because I have a dance background, I then went on to choreograph Miss World New Zealand from 2013 – 2017. Miss Auckland hadn’t run for a few years, so I saw an opportunity and in 2015 put the show on for the first time and we are now into our fourth year. I love inspiring and helping young women grow, and the charitable aspect of it is absolutely addictive. Since running Miss Auckland in 2015 we have raised over $47,000 for charities here in New Zealand.
Casey: Tell us what inspires you?
Hannah: My husband Marco is my biggest inspiration. I love powerful women and ones I find particularly inspiring are Jennifer Hawkins, Lydia Millen and Canna Campbell. Helping others also inspires me and I love doing that through Miss Auckland, I find it brings me energy when you see the impact a small action can have on others.
Casey: What are your favourite brands right now?
Hannah: Ganni, Self Portrait, LPA, Gucci, Annie Bing, Zimmermann.
Casey: "I can’t leave my house without…"
Hannah: A water bottle, sunglasses and lip balm.
Casey: What is your next splurge/purchase and why?
Hannah: It will definitely be another handbag. I’m hoping to get another to add to the collection in New York in a couple of months, I have a few in mind from Saint Laurent, Dior and Chanel, but I’m hoping the bag will find me and I’ll know when it’s the right one!


Thank you Hannah for a lovely interview


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