The Team behind Oh Rent Me - Part One

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The team behind Oh Rent Me is growing! So I would like to take a moment to introduce each member individually, that make Oh Rent Me the company it is today.

Casey is the Founder of Body Beautiful by Casey Green – a ballet, pilates & yoga-inspired workout. She owned Boutique fitness studios for 10 years, before packing up and selling up to experience life in France! Now, we are blessed to have both her, her husband (Ali Williams) and their two adorable little girls back in New Zealand. In-between house renovations & teaching Body Beautiful she spends her time behind the scenes at the Oh Rent Me headquarters.
 Casey wears our Folly Whimsy playsuit here (RENT IT HERE)
 1. How did you get involved with Oh Rent Me?
After spending the past four years living in London and Paris my love of fashion has certainly grown. Knowing I was returning home I had an eye on what was happening in New Zealand and I really loved what Saejung was doing. The whole concept of Oh Rent Me really resonated, the sustainability aspect is really important to me and of course the glamour side - the ability to wear beautiful designer dresses for a fraction of the price. So I reached out to Saejung and here we are.
 Casey wears our Pascal dress here (RENT IT HERE)
 2. What is your role within Oh Rent Me? 
Director, in Partnership with Saejung.
3. What is your favourite part of being involved?
Well it certainly doesn’t feel like work. I really enjoy how creative and fast paced our days are. Rent The Look is our newest initiative so I get to play dress up’s, styling the dresses with our bags, shoes and scarfs. I also love all the lovely thank you notes that get sent back to us from our happy customers. 
  Pictured is our Electric Sky dress (RENT IT HERE) and our Burgundy Pouch (RENT IT HERE)
  1. Do you think Renting is affordable to everyday women in New Zealand?

I believe it is the perfect opportunity to budget your money in a smarter way. Especially now, with our new subscription-based services. 

 5. Name two women that inspire you. And why? 

Saejung Oh – Founder of Oh Rent Me aka The Boss - her work ethic, creativity and vision is to be truly admired.
Deliciously Ella, Health Entrepenuer. She went from struggling with a chronic illness, to turning her life around both mentally and physically through healthy eating and lifestyle and now is very much on her way to building an empire.
 6. What is your favourite piece within the Oh Rent Me collection?
The Zimmermann playsuits get me every time.
 Pictured is our three different colours of our Zimmermann Playsuit (Check our Zimmermann selection here)
 7. What do you do to stay motivated?
If I don’t eat good food or exercise then I malfunction. Luckily I love everything health & wellness.
 8. As a young mother of two lovely girls, how do you balance the work and family life?
Balance? What balance? Ha. I like to call it finding your own rhythm amongst the madness. I actually enjoy the juggle of family life and work. You just have to be organized and rely on your nearest and dearest – a lot.
  9. What are your favourite brands right now?
Zimmermann & Thurley.
Keep up to date with what Casey gets up to via Instagram: @casey__green


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