The Stories from our Customers - Introducing our Damage Waiver

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We are the only renting company in New Zealand to be offering a Damage Waiver to our customers!

So this means now that any damage or stains you are now covered! How easy is that! 

We knew how important it was for us to provide our customers with a stress-free renting experience. 

For more information on what our Damage waiver covers, please visit:


Here are a few reasons why we knew this was a necessity and so, therefore, a need to implement this into our rental service,


Story Number One:

We once had a customer who sent us an email explaining what had happened to her while wearing one of our playsuits over a weekend. It first started off with an apology for tearing our garment, in which we were sad to see when we had first briefly read over the start of her email. 

It then continued into a story, a story of how our garment got ruined. She was out in Wellington town wearing our playsuit, having a blast! On the walk back home, she was walking past a few drunk men who were about to have a brawl between them. She had tried to walk around them to dodge being too close. The fight got big as she was trying to walk around them, unluckily for her, one of the men pushed the other and this man fell onto this poor girl. Her fall had caught one of the straps to the playsuit, and as she was falling over, it tore away more and more. 

Of course, this was no one's fault but of those drunk men fighting on Saturday night. 

It was an unlucky situation, however, we had our policy in place for the customer to pay for a replacement, or reimburse us with the cost of the garment she had rented. We felt horrible for doing this, as literally, she was at the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Reason One - We understand that accidents do happen, and Oh Rent Me is here for you with this Damage Waiver


Story Number Two:

One of our Camilla playsuits got rented over a weekend. Camilla is a very expensive brand and hard to get a hold of in New Zealand. After the weekend, we received an email in regards to one of our most popular garments. The email had said, she had left the playsuit at a friend's house and that she would grab it off her as soon as possible and send it back to us. 

The next day, we received another email from our customer, explaining that she had left this playsuit on the floor of her friend's house. Her friend had recently just bought a new kitten... Kitten vs. Playsuit straps... The kitten had chewed through the straps of this playsuit, where it could not be fixed, or redeemed back into renting conditions. 

Reason Two - We understand that accidents do happen, and Oh Rent Me is here for you with this Damage Waiver


There have been many stories within the last 5-6 years, but we won't bore you with those. You get the gist about how each story would go. For our customers, Oh Rent Me is here for YOU.


There are so many benefits to renting over buying, and the feedback we got from our customers and the general public about renting was that they were "scared", "didn't want to take the risk" to try out renting. Oh Rent Me heard you, and so, therefore, we have you covered!

Renting has never been so easy, and we cannot wait to hear more stories from our customers in regards to where they take our garments around New Zealand. 


Now offering "Damage Waiver"



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