The Team behind Oh Rent Me - Part Two

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Oh Rent Me is no longer just about a girl, who started renting out her wardrobe to earn a bit of cash while studying full time at University. 
It is now about, a community. A community where girls, like you and I, are able to wear the latest designer clothing, raise awareness for a sustainable future, and to get those "Instagrammable" images! We are all about empowering women around New Zealand. 
Recently, we have hired a part time staff to help with the daily running of things. You may have already met/seen her around. We are very lucky to have Danielle Morgenrood to join our crew!
Not only is she a beautiful person (there's no doubt about her beauty), but she is truly one of the most amazing people I have met! It has been my pleasure pushing her outside of her comfort zone and seeing her grow
Danielle is 19 years old, and born in South Africa and moved to New Zealand at the age of 8! (Similar to myself in that sense!) Since leaving high school she has dipped her toes in various business ventures (an entrepreneur!). She and a long a few others has started up their new company, Cloud and Chill (, a collective they are building for vapers. 
How we got to meet Danielle, was just by pure luck! I will let her explain this story, but in the meantime, here are some beautiful images of her that we have on file! 
Okay, I must admit, there were too many images that I wanted to upload. I have handpicked only a few that showcases how beautiful our new staff member is. 
1. How did you get involved with Oh Rent Me?
Dani: On the 7th of May 2017, Olivia Brown asked me along to 'Fashion for Hope'. At this point, I had only just met Olivia, so was very hesitant about going along, but my boyfriend, Jacob Botica forced me to go! 'Fashion for Hope' was a fundraiser fashion show organised by Miss New Zealand 2017, Annie Evans, showcasing Oh Rent Me garments. Here I briefly met Saejung, and was introduced to Oh Rent Me. In all honesty, this was also my first introduction to the thought of renting designer garments! 
That night I felt so out of my comfort zone and was my first time attending anything like this. But I strongly believe that all things happen for a bigger purpose. And oh boy, did it!!! 
Soon enough, Saejung asked Olivia and I to do a creative shoot on the 24th of June and this was the beginning of my journey with Oh Rent Me. 
Saejung: I had invited Olivia to come along to this fashion show, and I am super glad that she bought Danielle along with her! And fortunate that her boyfriend forced her to come along! When I saw her in person, I was like WOW, I need her to model for me!
2. How did you become the face of Oh Rent Me?
Dani: After my first photoshoot, Saejung would ask me to model new arrivals here and there. This was an incredible opportunity I knew I had to jump at! It also gave me a chance to build a modeling portfolio and experience. I fell in love with the company as well as the founder's drive and hard work, that when Saejung asked me to be the face of Oh Rent Me (4th of September 2017), I literally jumped at the opportunity. 
Above: Dani wears our Aimee Frill Dress, RENT IT HERE
3. Are you enjoying modeling for Oh Rent Me?
Dani: I adore it. I get to work with some seriously amazing women! Modeling for Oh Rent Me usually feels like friends getting together and catching up! It is always so much fun, we share so many laughs and make even better memories!
Left: Olivia wears our Chinese Whispers Dress, RENT IT HERE
4. Apart from modeling, how are you involved with the company?
Dani: On the 10th of April, 2018 I started a part-time role behind the scenes. This involves running the daily tasks (e.g., unpacking, packing orders, heading off to alterations, cleaning and communicating with our customers). Currently, I am still in training to cover all of the daily runnings of things, which is exciting! There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes here, and I feel so blessed to be involved! I don't believe I have ever truly 'worked' even a single day for Oh Rent Me, it is just a positive space! 
When it is raining, however, it can become VERY STRESSFUL, cleaning and drying all garments that have been posted back is not an easy task! But I enjoy any new challenge this role has in store for me! I consider this role as more of a journey in which I am continuously learning and getting to be a part of something truly remarkable! 
5. What is your favourite piece from our collection?
Dani: Without a doubt, the Sass and Bide "My Advice and Teachers Bustier Set". I think this is such a comfortable set to wear, suitable for so many different occasions and just so DARN CUTE!!!
Dani wears our GiGi Dress, RENT IT HERE
6. What is your favourite brand?
Dani: This is such a hard one! I find myself mostly wearing Bec and Bridge as I love their elegance and simplicity. However, I must add that I always find myself in awe of Thurley and have had a soft spot for Camilla!
7. Name one women (dead or alive) who inspires you
Dani: Frassy Audrey! She is such a down to earth young woman, who is considered an influencer, writer and photographer! Talk about talented! I think she is just incredible! She i just the ultimate all rounder and a huge inspiration!
8. What is your favourite quote?
Dani: "To be mad in a deranged world isn't madness, it's sanity"
9. What is one random fact about you?
Dani: I am an avid Tea lover! I love trying new flavours of tea's and yes I think the OMG Tea is so delicious (for those of you who have recently rented from Oh Rent Me and received the sample tea!). I also have a huge obsession for collecting tea cups! I am always compelled to buy one if I'm in an op shop!
10. What are your two favourite beauty products right now?
Dani: 1. I believe a good skin care regime is incredibly important therefore I will forever vouch for NuCerity's nightly breathable face masque. I have found that this product will cleanse, hydrate and repair my skin drastically over night.
2. Been loving just a clear lip plumper gloss, and have specifically been using the Lipfusion collagen lip plumper lately. 
There you go, our new member to Oh Rent Me!


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