What happens when the weather gets warmer

Summer is approaching, and we cannot be more excited!
For those of you who are University students, hang in there! We are almost through the academic year, I feel your pain! We wish you all the best for these exams!
To celebrate the end of these exams, and to all of our blog readers we have generated a discount code with us: BLOGGERS10 (expires 17/11/2016). 
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The next 50 orders on makeup on our website (the Balm Cosmetics) will go into the draw to win one of five Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits! 
Searching for my fashion inspiration has kept me sane during this exam period. 
Cami from: Mink Pink
@luluhyett wearing our Gazelle Dress
Selena Gomez
@indiaheath wearing our Mulitway Playsuit
@_olivia_moana wearing our Winkworth Dress
@amelia_finlayson wearing our Love Lost Dress
Kookai Donatella Dress - Rent here at Oh Rent Me
@portiascoigne wearing our Rainbow Road Dress