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I guess when you run a Designer Renting company, you have a lot of garments sitting there waiting to be worn. Who wouldn't love to own this dream wardrobe, lucky for you I am sharing my dream wardrobe with you all.

I have always had an interest in photography and love supporting local small businesses. So in this blog post, I have collaborated with Brittney (@by_brit) - Makeup, and Sarah (@spraysbysarah) - Spray tan. 

Fashion, photography and a social gathering, what more can you ask for right?

For this shoot, I decided to shoot outdoors, the majority of the photos displayed  were shot at Auckland Botanical Gardens. 

The models are: Danielle Morgenrood (@danixmorg) and Nicola Houghton (@nicolahoughton)

Photographed and edited by Saejung Oh (@saejung_oh)


Nicola wears our Tiki Ball Dress

Rent the size 8 here

Rent the size 10 here

Dani wears our Florence slip

Rent it here

 Nicola and Dani wear our Bonnie Frill

Rent it here

Dani wears our Bonnie Frill

Nicola wears our Diana Frill

Rent the Diana Frill here

Nicola and Dani wears our Folly Whimsy Playsuit 

Rent the size 0 here 

Rent the size 1 here

Rent the size 2 here

Rent the red version size 1 (Corsair Iris) here

Nicola wears our Celine dress

Rent the size 36 here

Rent the size 38 here

Rent the size 34 in mint here

Dani wears our Drape Cocktail in Crimson

Rent the size 8 here

Rent the size 10 here

Rent the size 6 in blue here

Nicola wears our Azaelea dress

Rent the size 8 here

Rent the size 10 here

Dani wears our Love Victims Dress

Rent it here

Nicola and Dani wears our Kairos Dance Dress Fleur Kelly

Rent it here in green

Rent it here in Lilac (Floating dress)

Rent it here in Magenta (Floating dress)

Nicola wears our Hanya Dress

Rent it here


Special thanks to Dani and Nicola for being such amazing models and to Brittney and Sarah for always being amazing at what they do!

This shoot was a lot of fun, and the weather was sadly not on our side but we made it work!

*Please note all images above are owned by Oh Rent Me, under no circumstances, are you allowed to use them for your own personal uses, unless you have written consent. 


Lots of love,





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