Belladonna Gown 6

  • Belladonna Gown 6
  • Belladonna Gown 6

approx RRP 429



A stunning gown featuring amazing colours

Size on tag: 6

Recommended size: 6 or small 8

Model approx: Size 6-8, Height 170cm 


*Please note, this dress is quite long, the model was wearing about a 5-7cm heel and it was still dragging on the floor.


Customer Reviews:

Lauren Burbage - "Dear the fab owner at Oh Rent Me! Thank you, not only for your fashion service but also for the beautiful dress that, might I mention got me Queen of the ball. At first I was concerned about the arrival date, but the quick surprising arrival calmed all my fears. Thank you for doing what you do and renting such beautiful gowns"