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Damage Waiver


Stress-free Renting

With a $10 Damage Waiver fee, you now can relax and enjoy wearing your rented garment. 
Here is what is included in the Damage Waiver and what is not. 

The Damage Waiver includes:

  • Any damage to the garment - including a complete write-off.
  • Any stains to the garment - including those dry cleaning cannot get out.
  • So pretty much every damage or any stain!!!
The Damage Waiver does not include:
  • Theft of the garment
  • Misplacing and/or losing a garment/part of a garment (e.g., if it comes with a tie, straps, extra pieces that make up the garment, but are not limited to these)
  • Refusing to send back the garments
  • Parcels getting stolen from people's property due to it being released from Signature delivery by the customer
  • Sending back the garment incorrectly to us e.g., sending it back via a Post drop box such as Street post boxes, or the post boxes outside the post shop (but are not limited to just these options). All parcels MUST be sent back to us through NZ post and handed over to an NZ POST cashier
  • Selfie Booth and or any parts to the Selfie Booth
The garment MUST come back to us after it is rented, even if you accidentally damage it! After it is damaged, it will still be the property of Oh Rent Me.