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Our Rental Process


Browse our collection of over 350+ designer dresses. Choose from Karen Walker, Kookai, Lonely Hearts, Moochi, RUBY, Stolen Girlfriends Club plus many more...

Click on your preferred rental date (the date you want to wear the dress) and it will say 'add to cart' if it's available. If it's already taken on that date it will say 'unavailable'.

Complete our simple checkout process, we need all your details including your full address. Select your preferred shipping option or pickup. We accept VISA and Mastercard payments.

Your garment will arrive to you at least one working day before you need to wear it (usually more) unless there are unforeseen reasons, but we'll keep you in the loop!

Enjoy wearing the dress! Make sure you get a snap and send it through to us. You'll go into our monthly draw to win a $50 voucher. Or tag us at @OhRentMe on Instagram.

Simply return it in the prepaid bag it arrived with and hand it over to a cashier at NZ Post on the next working day after your rental date. Don't be late as fees do apply.

 Subscriptions and Bulk Rental Packages:

We have introduced two systems, where renting just got that much MORE affordable. 

The Subscription is a programme that you pay a certain rate, depending on what tier you want, each month. Each tier has different perks, and comes with varying amounts of free rentals. The price for each stage can be found under the "Subscription" tab. 

The discount codes that are issued are non-transferrable and refer to further rentals after the free rentals have been used. 

Free exchanges - normally a customer must pay the difference of the two garments plus another shipping rate of $10, but with the loyalty system you will not have to!

The "Coming Soon" tab will showcase the garments that we have bought, and are waiting on. So it will give you exclusive access to these and you will be able to get first dibs!

We will also send you out garments for free to try on if you are uncertain of the sizing of a certain garment!

Minimum Sign up for this is 3 months.

No refunds and the perks will no longer be available when you cancel. 

Once you have proceeded to checkout, please email us on to begin your free rentals for that month. (Garments will be subject to availability).

The Bulk Rental Package is a one-off payment. 

Each package comes with a certain amount of rentals, for one set price that must be used in the specified time frame.

So you could get a rental for as cheap as $35!!

Once you have proceeded to checkout, please email us on to begin your free rentals for that month. (Garments will be subject to availability).



We will now be sending for try ons for a flat rate of $30 + postage.

This option on each product will only come up on our website every Thursday and Friday, and must be booked for the current week.


All garments that have been requested for trying on will come with a large tag attached. If this tag gets removed or if the garment looks worn (i.e. too many marks, smells like perfume, fake tan marks, or any other marks), then the full rental cost will be charged onto the customer.


You are required to send this garment back the NEXT working day after you have received it, in the prepaid return bag that was supplied. Otherwise, you will be charged with our usual late fee of $25 per day.


If you want to rent the dress you booked for trying on, for the CURRENT week, then the try-on fee will be included in your rental fee (FREE TRY-ON), and you’ll need to let us know via email: as soon as you can. So that you can be billed the difference in cost.

If you would like to rent this dress for another week, please book it on the website. The try on fee will not be included in the rental fee, even if it is for the weekend after you have tried it on. The full price of the rental will be charged.


Please note, we do NOT allow our garments to be taken OVERSEAS. 

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