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Rental Agreement

Please read these Terms of Service carefully before accessing or using our website. By accessing or using any part of the site, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Service. If you do not agree to all the terms and conditions of this agreement, then you may not access the website or use any services. If these Terms of Service are considered an offer, acceptance is expressly limited to these Terms of Service.

These terms and conditions are a legal agreement between you and Oh Rent Me Limited. The terms and conditions are established by us, and you use the services that we provide, which you submit your personal information, order our products, and use the information provided for further action via our website at

  1. General – Rental Agreement

The full Terms and conditions can be found under “Terms and Conditions”, and they can vary from time to time. You agree that your use of our services is held against the Terms of Service on our website. No other terms or conditions shall have any force or effect.

The contract you agree to is the Oh Rent Me rental agreement. This means that we hold you accountable to uphold the rental agreement, which is specified in your order including the dates for the rental, the product ordered, its size, and the date by which the item is due to be returned. If the item is not returned by the due date stated in the terms and conditions you will be accountable for late fees, as you have no right to the product past the required date of return.

All prices are in New Zealand Dollars (NZD)

  1. Rental Fees, Credit Card Authorisations, Cancellations

The rental fee will be stated along-side the information required for each product which will be listed on the website, the rental fee does not include postage costs. This will be charged at “check-out”. In submitting your order, you hereby authorise us to charge your account used for payment for the rental fee and postage costs. This charge will occur immediately. If the payment method you choose is via bank transfer it will need to be completed at least five days prior to the requested rental date for us to guarantee booking.   

Failure to return the goods you hereby authorise Oh Rent Me to charge your account used for payment a charge of 150% of the retail value of the product rented from our website. This 150% of the retail value will be taken from original recommended retail price (RRP) when first released. This covers the loss of the item plus the expected loss of revenue from further rentals of that product.

If you require a cancellation, this must be completed within 24 hours of placing your order via our website. We will process your cancellation claim, and reimburse you the full amount, or you can choose store credit if you would prefer, if you meet the requirements. Should a cancellation be submitted after 24 hours of placing your order we hold no obligation to refund or reimburse you for any of the costs incurred with the initial order. 

Oh Rent Me reserves the right to charge your account used for payment for non-compliance of the rental agreement and terms and conditions under which you hire our products.

  1. Your obligations

Once the item has arrived to you, you hold the responsibility to these items. When providing an address for shipping you confirm that this address is your physical address, that of which you hold yourself accountable for the items when delivered. If you provide us an address where you do not physically reside, Oh Rent Me shall take no responsibility for non-delivery or any liability to what happens to the product after delivery. 

Orders that is classified as rural under NZ post system, and rural delivery was NOT paid for, will not get refunded if it does not arrive on time. Please make sure you select the rural delivery option at checkout.

You agree to treat the items with care so that unnecessary damage does not occur. You will be held accountable for loss to the goods due to theft, disappearance, or any other occurrences that may result in the product being lost, if outside of our "Damage Waiver" offerings.

If you have not paid for the "Damage Waiver", and the item requires professional cleaning services you will be liable for these costs and will be charged appropriately. If the returned garment is beyond what is considered normal wear and tear then you agree that we shall charge your account used for payment 150% of the retail value of the product. All new orders since we launched the "Damage Waiver" is covered for: 

  • Any damage to the garment - including a complete write-off.
  • Any stains to the garment - including those dry cleaning cannot get out.
  • So pretty much every damage or any stain!!!

The Damage Waiver is a compulsory charge that is added at the end of checkout, for $7 per item. This is a non-refundable fee, even if you return the garments undamaged. By proceeding through our website, you agree to pay this Damage Waiver fee, and realise it is non-refundable.

The Damage Waiver does not include:
  • Theft of the garment
  • Refusing to send back the garments
  • Parcels getting stolen from people's property due to it being released from Signature delivery by the customer
  • Sending back the garment incorrectly to us e.g., sending it back via a Post drop box such as Street post boxes, or the post boxes outside the post shop (but are not limited to just these options). All parcels MUST be sent back to us through NZ post and handed over to an NZ POST cashier

The rental agreement states that we require you to send the product back to Oh Rent Me in the prepaid post packaging provided by the return date specified in the online invoice issued to you. You have the option to extend the order at any point via email or telephone, provided it is available for the dates requested, further charges will be applicable accordingly. If you return the goods late, a late fee of $25.00 per day will be charged to your account that you made the payment with, up to a maximum not exceeding 150% of the retail value of the good hired. If our product has not been returned to us within the 14 days, this non-compliance of return will be considered as a breach of the rental agreement and Oh Rent Me shall have the right to charge your credit card 150% of the original retail price (less any late fees that have already been paid).

If the prepaid post bag provided is lost by you, you are held responsible for returning the item at your own expense by the expected return date. The alternative return must be using a nationwide overnight courier service. You must immediately notify us with a tracking code.

Should any misconduct occur to this rental agreement and you refuse to pay amounts due for any damage or late return, we reserve the right to initiate enforcement procedures. Enforcement procedures including any solicitor fees or any other means we require to recover any fees owing by you, will be liable to you.

We reserve the right to terminate your membership to Oh Rent Me at any point in time if you breach any terms of the rental agreement or the Terms and conditions.

  1. Our commitment to you

Once you order has been confirmed, we will uphold the agreement by delivering the product you have ordered, in the correct size, pattern, colour and design, on the date requested to the address you have provided in the order. If the product arrives and it is not of the requested colour, size, pattern and design you must contact Oh Rent Me within 24 hours of the date you received our product via email or telephone and return the product in the prepaid bags provided in the order. This return must be completed within 24 hours of receiving the product. We will reimburse you with the full amount or with full amount in credit, at your own discretion or we can attempt to find the suitable replacement for the original goods requested by the rental date. Oh Rent Me holds no responsibility for errors of your own when ordering products such as, but not limited to requesting incorrect sizes, prints, design and colour, Oh Rent Me holds no responsibility for these mistakes.

We make sure that all products match the quality level that we have described our products to be at, clean and ready to wear. We inspect our items carefully before sending them away, however if you receive the item and it is not up to the standards outlined please contact Oh Rent Me within 24 hours of receiving the items.

You will be provided with a prepaid, pre-addressed “New Zealand post bag” as well as instructions outlining the process of returning the product by its due date.

  1. Limitation of Liability

Oh Rent Me holds no liability to you or any other third party, for any unforeseen circumstances or circumstances considered force majeure, that result in any damage to the item, non-delivery, or loss of item. You solely hold responsibility for the item during the rental period, if any damage and or claims are made against you as a result of occurrences that happened while you were responsible for the item regardless of whether or not they were your own doing or out of your control, you will be held solely responsible for the costs incurred.

  1. Miscellaneous

The rental agreement and the terms and conditions on the website form the entire agreement between you and Oh Rent Me. Oh Rent Me reserves the right to change or terminate this agreement at any time, without notice being given. You shall not assign the agreement without the approval of Oh Rent Me prior to delivery of the goods. Even if the agreement is terminated you are still obligated to fulfil your obligations required under the rental agreement and terms and conditions. Reasons out of Oh Rent Me’s reasonable control including but not restricted to fire, earthquake, and interruptions to supply, other natural disasters, war and or riots or acts of terrorism will result in Oh Rent Me not being liable for non-fulfilment of its obligations under this agreement.