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If the garment doesn't fit, or quite right, we do not offer refunds. We offer postal try ons, or in house try ons to avoid this issue.

If there is enough time, we do offer exchanges, the post fee and a new damage waiver must be paid for again, and any difference in rental price.

For try ons, please refer to our "How it works" and "Try Them On" tab on the top bar of our website.

Technically you can book as late as Friday morning, the cut off for the current weekend rental is Friday morning, before 11.30am. If you are leaving it very last minute, please select the Saturday delivery option, and refer to our refund policy in terms of our last minute order (you can find this here). We recommend booking by Wednesday night/Thursday morning to avoid disappointment!

Yes, our prices are inclusive of Dry Cleaning, through the Damage waiver.

Please do not attempt to clean our garments yourselves, we have had garments ruined due to improper cleaning techniques. Our staff have been trained extensively to handle the cleaning of these garments.

The Damage Waiver covers you for any stains or rips! Even if the garment gets completely ruined, you are now covered. 

For a full explanation please visit:

Our pricing is for one day, however our customers tend to have our garments between 1 - 4 working days. If you  are wanting to book across two weeks, you are required to book for that garment twice across the two weeks. This will be twice the rental price listed.

Please book the date you are wearing the dress OR need it, if you are going away for an event.

If you are travelling and need a longer rental period please email us organise.

We aim for our rentals to arrive to our customers at least one working day prior. Usually more, majority of our rentals arrive to our customers 2 - 3 working days prior. This depends on whether the garment you rented is rented the weekend prior to your rental date. 

We always ship via overnight courier. So in theory it should arrive to you on the next day. However, CourierPost/NZ Post does not give us a definite 100% guarantee, and only a "guideline" so we also cannot give you this guarantee. 

We do our shipping via a third party company, so even if we ship it off as soon as the order comes through, there is always a chance it may experience some postal delays, which are out of our control.

We recommend keeping an eye on the tracking (this will be sent to you via email when we send your rental off), and get in contact with us ASAP if you are experiencing postal delays so we can do something about it.

In saying this, most of our garments do arrive overnight.

We always ship via overnight courier with NZ Post/Courier post. Most of the time we ship with Signature delivery, which means someone will have to sign for it. However on last minute rentals, we ship with non-signature courier.

Pick up from Waiuku - you pick it up from our HQ, and we provide you with an easy to return prepaid return bag

Standard Overnight Courier - we ship overnight courier to you, and there is also a prepaid overnight courier bag inside

Rural Courier - this option is for people living rurally. Without this extra tag, it may take longer to get to you if you live rurally. If you are rural select this option

Saturday Delivery - this option  is there for people who order Thursday night/Friday morning for the current Saturday. Without this extra tag, the parcel will not get delivered on Saturday. Please select this option if you are getting a last minute rental. We also recommend having a read of our refund policy in regards to a last minute rental.