Girl Bosses

By Saejung Oh
on July 18, 2017

Girl Bosses

Never in a million years did I imagine that I would own a business. But here we are today, and still growing.
As I was growing up, my mother would always tell me off for buying too many clothes online. She would always want me to save, but instead, I would just be spending my latest pay check (when the minimum wage was $11/hour) on the latest fashion trend.
When I left for University, I wasn't exactly the most fashionable gal, I was always the awkward asian girl always wearing odd clothes that I had found from an op shop. It is definitely true what people say about Dunedin, it is one of the most fashionable cities within New Zealand. It may be because students are drawn to choose Otago University over others for their "student lifestyle". Girls were well dressed, even when it was freezing outside, so I also adapted. I looked around, and started shopping at RUBY, Slick Willy's, and Belle Bird and started building up my dream wardrobe (yes all on my student loan and maxed out overdraft). Soon this love for shopping became a need and Oh Rent Me only fueled my addiction.
Fast forward a few years, Oh Rent Me has grown, and we have been privileged enough recently to work alongside other girl bosses to create some magic. This blog post is dedicated to the amazing works and services of Sarah from @spraysbysarah and Brittany from @by_brit. If you are in Auckland, you are in luck! These two girls are amazing at what they do, and I could not recommend their services enough!

So thank you Sarah for providing the models Olivia (@olivia_moana) and Danielle (@danixmorg) with the best spray tan I have seen, it added that special touch to this shoot. Brit, the makeup was flawless and we had so many laughs along the way. 


The following images are owned by Oh Rent Me, and under no circumstances available for anyone to use/distribute without any written consent.
They were taken by me, Saejung Oh. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed capturing these moments. 

Left to Right: Olivia Brown and Danielle Morgenrood
Makeup: @by_brit
Spray tan: @spraysbysarah
Both wearing our two Maurie and Eve dresses (Rent it here)

Left to right: Danielle is wearing our After Midnight dress in black size 6 (Rent it here). We have this dress in black size 6, White size 6 and 8
Olivia is wearing our Genesis dress in black size 10 (Rent it here).
We have this dress in white size 6 and 8 and Black size 10

Olivia is wearing our Kookai, Florence Strapless Dress (Rent it here)
We have two sizes of this dress, size 36 (best fit an 8) and size 40 (best fit 10-12)

Olivia is wearing our Love Lost dress by Thurley. Rent it here

Olivia is wearing our Sass and Bide My advice Set in a size 8. Rent it here
We have this set in a size 8 and 12. This set runs one size smaller than what is on the tag (our opinion).
We also have a pantsuit version and a dress version in this print!

Olivia wears our Freesia Dress by Camilla and Marc, you can rent the size 6 here, and the size 10 here

Olivia is wearing our Children of the Dragon playsuit by Camilla. You can tie this cute playsuit in multiple ways! Rent it here

Left to right: Danielle wears our Exotic Hypnotic dress by Camilla. Rent it here
Olivia wears our Chinese Whispers dress by Camilla. Rent it here

Danielle wears our Natalie Rolt Keni slip in Tan. Rent it here

Danielle wears our Rise and Unveil dress by Camilla. Rent it here


Just a few of the many photos we took this day to showcase girl bosses getting together to create some magic!
Thank you to everyone involved in making this shoot a success




Post Race day depression

By Saejung Oh
on November 24, 2016

Post Race day depression

We had so much fun at both the Dunedin and Christchurch races!
It was amazing to meet you guys in person!
Therefore, I would like to dedicate this blog post to all of our beautiful customers who sent in photos of them wearing our garments. 
Remember: If you want to go into our monthly draw to win a $50 voucher with us, all you have to do is simply send in a photo of you wearing our garment!
All that shines, Rent it here
Samira Playsuit, Rent it here
Left: Bon Bon Playsuit, Rent it here
Right: (Not our customer) Heavy Petal dress, Rent it here
My Advice Set, Rent it here
Left: Electric Sky Dress, Rent it here
Right: Colour Weaving Dress, Rent it here
Montana Off the Shoulder Dress, Rent it here
Left: Allegra Playsuit, Rent it here
Scenario Dress, Rent it here
Donatella Dress, Rent it here
Flute Playsuit, Rent it here
Miss Moss Dress, Rent it here
Alchemy Dress Size S, Rent it here 
Rent it here in an XS
Thank you to everyone for your support thus far!
We are aiming to grow Oh Rent Me even larger next year! So watch this space!


What happens when the weather gets warmer

By Saejung Oh
on October 18, 2016
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What happens when the weather gets warmer

Summer is approaching, and we cannot be more excited!
For those of you who are University students, hang in there! We are almost through the academic year, I feel your pain! We wish you all the best for these exams!
To celebrate the end of these exams, and to all of our blog readers we have generated a discount code with us: BLOGGERS10 (expires 17/11/2016). 
Remember that we have a Giveaway currently.
The next 50 orders on makeup on our website (the Balm Cosmetics) will go into the draw to win one of five Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits! 
Searching for my fashion inspiration has kept me sane during this exam period. 
Cami from: Mink Pink
@luluhyett wearing our Gazelle Dress
Selena Gomez
@indiaheath wearing our Mulitway Playsuit
@_olivia_moana wearing our Winkworth Dress
@amelia_finlayson wearing our Love Lost Dress
Kookai Donatella Dress - Rent here at Oh Rent Me
@portiascoigne wearing our Rainbow Road Dress

Are you Cup Day Ready?

By Saejung Oh
on October 06, 2016
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Are you Cup Day Ready?

  • When: 22nd of Oct and 1st of November 
  • Where: Ellerslie Racecourse
  • Tickets on sale here and here


  • When: 6th and 8th of November
  • Where: Hastings Racecourse
  • Tickets on sale here


  • When: 12th of November
  • Where: Tauranga Race Course
  • Tickets on sale here

Palmerston North:

  • When: 19th of November
  • Where: Awapuni Racecourse
  • Tickets on sale here


  • When: 5-12th of November
  • Where: Differs from event to event
  • Tickets on sale here


  • When: 1st of November
  • Where: Wingatui Racecourse
  • Tickets on sale here


    • When: 27th of November
    • Where: Cromwell Racecourse
    • Tickets on sale here
    With these upcoming events, you can dress up and wear all sorts of sizes and coloured hats without hesitation. 
    Find all sorts of garments that will be perfect for cup day here at Oh Rent Me. 
    If you want to look extra glamorous, have a look at the makeup selection we have on offer!
    Be sure to tag @ohrentme in any photos to go into our monthly draw. 
    Here are our October inspiration photos:
    Source: Unknown
    Source: Unknown, via Instagram
    Rent yours here: Gold Dust Pantsuit
    Bec and bridge
    Rent similar here
    Alice Mccall
    Source: Instagram
    Buy similar: Alice McCall
    Rent yours here: Friller Dress
    Source: Unknown via Instagram
    Dress from Shona Joy
    Rent yours here: Allegra Playsuit
    Favourite Song this month:

    Fashion, Fashion, Fashion

    By Saejung Oh
    on September 14, 2016

    Fashion, Fashion, Fashion

    What does the word Fashion entail?
    Shoes, dresses, playsuits, pantsuits, these Oh Rent Me has already got you covered for.
    But what fits in perfectly alongside these "fashion" products?
    Oh Rent Me has decided to expand its market and bring in MAKEUP!
    This has been something that we have been working on for a few months, and we are very excited to be sharing this new venture with you all. 
    We will be offering free shipping on all makeup products!
    Here at Oh Rent Me we think some of the most important parts about products aren't always the ones you can see, but rather the ones that happen behind the scenes, that's why we are proud to say that all of The Balm products are cruelty free and talc free!
    You can now add a bit of glam to your rental garment. 
    Oh Rent Me is now the place where you can complete your look (head to toe) for any event!
    The following images are Oh Rent Me's September Inspiration:
    Maurie and Eve
    Maurie and Eve (
    Camilla and Marc (
    Thurley (
    Ruby (

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    Post Race day depression

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